We can repair your damaged windshield.

Have a chipped, cracked, or broken windshield? We can help, with mobile, on-site service. Serving the Phoenix Arizona metro area.


Star Chips

Easily recognized because of its star shape. These chips can be tiny, but can cause more headaches than any of the other types of windshield chips.

Star Chip Repair

The star chip is common, and is one of the worst types because of the secondary damage it can cause. Star chips often result in cracking that can spread across your whole windshield. Star chips occur when a hard object strikes the windshield with a very small or sharp point of impact.

You should always repair star chips immediately, regardless of their size. Because of their shape, star chips can turn into large cracks very quickly, with a bump in the road of a change in the temperature. They are easy to repair, so get it done now!

AZ Local Specialists

The desert southwest is hard on windshields; from rock chips to extreme heat, there are many things that can cause damage. We know and understand the terrain and climate in Arizona, and are prepared to evaluate your windshield damage and recommend the best solutions.

Because we're local, and because we've been in the automotive repair industry for over 15 years, we know exactly how to help you. Trust an experienced team of specialists with your windshield repair, and we'll make sure that you're absolutely satisfied with the results.