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Half Bulls Eye Chips

The half bulls eye chip is a partial bulls eye. It is easier to clean and repair, and carries less risk for cracking. Repair a half bulls eye chip quickly to improve your windshield strength and appearance.

Half Bulls Eye Chip Repair

Usually caused by small road debris, the half bulls eye chip is one of the easier chips to repair. The half bulls eye chip also generally doesn't result in cracking, and carries with it less risk than the other types of windshield chips.

Even though the risk is reduced, any windshield chip will reduce the stability of your windshield, and can result in further damage. Repair is easy, so get your half bulls eye chip repaired today!

Local AZ Repair Specialists

The desert southwest is hard on windshields; from rock chips to extreme heat, there are many things that can cause damage. We know and understand the terrain and climate in Arizona, and are prepared to evaluate your windshield damage and recommend the best solutions.

Because we're local, and because we've been in the automotive repair industry for over 15 years, we know exactly how to help you. Trust an experienced team of specialists with your windshield repair, and we'll make sure that you're absolutely satisfied with the results.