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Bulls Eye Chips

Aptly named after a target, the bulls eye chip is circular and has a central point of impact, with rings around it. Luckily, the bulls eye chip is easily repaired if you get it done early. Waiting will make it harder, as the chip fills with dust and debris.

Bulls Eye Chip Repair

If you have a bulls eye chip in your windshield, get it repaired as quickly as possible. Repairing a bulls eye chip is relatively easy, if done quickly. The longer you wait, the more dust, dirt, and oil can build up in the chip, making it harder to repair.

Did you know that chips that are left unrepaired can develop into windshield cracks or broken windshields? Bulls eye chip repair is quick and simple, so don't put it off; have it repaired by a specialist today.

Easy, On-Site Repair

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We work with your insurance, so you don't have to. The law allows you to choose your repair company, so go with the best: Curbside Auto Glass. We'll help get you back on the road, with a windshield repair that will protect you from costly future problems!